Scammers are Still Active

Scammers are Still Active

Please be aware that there is a significant number of scams going around at the moment, and

Scamwatch has advised that hundred of millions of dollars are being lost each year, which has caused a significant amount of distress to victims and their families. 

There are some simple steps to avoid being scammed;

  • Never give personal information to someone over the phone or on email unless you are certain of who you are speaking to and can verify their identity (for example your accountant). 
  •  If you are contacted by an organisation, ensure you independently contact them back (ie ensure you are contacting the ATO or Centrelink), rather than another entity. 
  • Do not click on hyperlinks in text messages, email or social media if you are not sure it is from a trusted source, always call them to ensure their identity is correct. 
  • When using an internet browser, go directly to the government or organisation website, do not use another link, for example  to reach the MyGov website, type ‘’ into the internet browser rather than using other links or search results. 
  • Do your research and use online reviews if you intend to purchase goods online.  There are a significant number of online stores that are scams. 
  • Always use secure payment methods, do not enter your credit card details into websites. Paypal or similar payment methods are inherently more secure. 

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