5 common mistakes when writing a will

5 common mistakes when writing a will

We’ve talked about wills in our past blogs, including “why a will is a must” which you can read here.

If the pandemic has taught us anything,  it’s that we should be prepared for the unexpected. And although it’s morbid to ask, do you know what will happen to your estate when you pass away?

Here are 5 common mistakes when writing a will

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Reskilling exemption for FBT

The ATO had advised that employers who are reskilling workers recently made redundant, or are soon to be made redundant, will have these costs exempt from FBT (Fringe Benefits Tax). 

This exemption commences from 1 October 2020 onwards and applies to retraining or reskilling employees.  There is no limit to the cost or the number of education and training courses an employee can undertake. 

Ref: ATO website, FBT retraining and reskilling exemption now law, 19 July 2021.