How to avoid a workplace burnout in 2020

Did you know stress can amount to an occupational hazard according to the World Health Organisation?

The WHO defines burnout as a “syndrome conceptualised as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.” Given that staff turnover or sick days amount to a large expense for most business’, it’s important that there is a focus on a “psychologically safe” and well managed workplace.

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First home buyers in 2020

Looking to buy your own home in 2020? Thanks to the Federal Government, your goal is that much closer! First home buyers in 2020 will only need to front 5%of the mortgage to their dream home, while the FederalGovernment will guarantee up to a further 15%. This gives new home buyers a little breathing room and flexibility when it comes to their first home purchase.

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Disclosure of business tax debts – Declaration made

Following the enactment of legislation in late 2019, the ATO can disclose certain business tax debt information to external credit reporting bureaus.

This information will primarily be used when issuing external creditworthiness reports in relation to relevant businesses, effectively treating tax debts in a similar manner to other business debts.

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