How to lighten the Christmas Load

How to lighten the Christmas Load

Christmas time can be an exciting and merry time of year – mainly for children age 15 and under. For the rest of the adult world, Christmas can be stressful, busy and anxiety driven to say the least. Given that we are approximately 7 weeks away from Christmas day, how do we begin to plan to lighten the Christmas load?

When it comes to reducing anxiety and stress in any situation, planning and organisation is key. Here are some tips to start putting into practice to ease the tension of Christmas 2019.

  1. Start planning early, as in NOW. This will help you to make better decisions without rushing through everything. Make a list of the things that need to be done and categorise it. – Present Shopping – Make a list of personal and business people you will be buying for, take it one step further and add some ideas as to what you will buy each person. Will anything need to be purchased online? If so take into account the delayed delivery times at Christmas.
  • Events – Do you need to schedule in any personal or work events/meetings at this time?
  • Food and alcohol – Do you need to arrange any food shopping lists for the big day?

All of the above will help you to create a budget for Christmas 2019. That way you can account for the upcoming costs to reduce your stress levels! It also means you can put a little more thought into your present buying, this is more valuable than spending more money! Your wallet will thank you!

  1. Create a visual calendar – Not just one on your phone! Luckily for you calendars are about $2 at the end of the year, so if you aren’t feeling like collaging your own masterpiece, go out and buy one. Stick it in the kitchen with the upcoming Christmas events visible on each day, along with any items or presents you might need ready for them. This will literally get all the event clutter of Christmas out of your head and onto paper!
  2. Manage expectations – Mainly with family members. If you need to save on cash this year it might help to ask them what they are expecting for Christmas. It always helps to buy something they want, rather than another inanimate object. If the item is too costly, have a conversation with them about what is affordable this year. This will help to avoid any disappointment on the day!