Did you know Aspect Accountants and Advisors in West Perth have a CA badge?

Did you know Aspect Accountants and Advisors in West Perth have a CA badge?

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Did you know Aspect Accountants and Advisors in West Perth have a CA badge?

The team at Aspect Accountants and Advisors are qualified individuals who have been highly trained to give you some of the best and most credible accounting advice on offer.

One of those qualifications is earning the Chartered Accountant Badge. Earning your Chartered Accountant (CA) Badge is an important and highly sought after qualification in the accounting industry. Aspect Accountants and Advisors Perth are proud to hold a Chartered Accountant (CA) badge.

Let’s begin by understanding what CA Accounting Badge is.

What is a CA Accounting Badge?

A CA Accounting Badge is one of the highest accolades for an accounting firm. It is officially recognised as one of the most highly regarded professional accounting qualifications in the world.

A CA Accountant is not only a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia (ICAA), the CA badge also represents the following:

The accountant has completed a university degree along with a CA program (post-graduate). The CA Program must run over the course of 3 or more years mentored experience. During those 3 years, the accountant must also endure an intensive study program.

To become a member of the ICAA, it illustrates a top of the chart level of expertise and confidence within the accounting industry.

The Main Difference Between a Regular Accountant and a Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountants not only work in all business and finance fields, they can also engage in the private sector, public practice work and some can even be employed by areas of the government. Chartered Accountants are innovative, forward-thinking and adaptive to change. This makes them highly sought after by organisations and businesses.

In short, a regular accountant’s main responsibility is to accurately record all financial transactions. This can either be for an individual or a business/organisation. Following mandatory compliance guidelines for each transaction.

A Chartered Accountant on the other hand, has obtained more training and experience than a regular accountant. Examples of where a chartered accountant would be employed are as follows:

  • Corporations
  • Large Non-For-Profit Organisations
  • Industrial or Corporate Sector.

Here at Aspect Accountants and Advisors Perth we offer a range of financial services to Perth businesses. These services include:

  • Business Consulting and Coaching,
  • Tax Advice,
  • Accounting and Compliance,
  • Bookkeeping and Management,
  • Self-managed Superannuation Funds.

For any further accounting or business development advice please give us a call and book an appointment at our West Perth accounting office.

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