Accounting & Compliance

As a business owner you know the importance of understanding “Where am I now?” and “Where am I going?”

accounting-complianceIt is important to plan where you are going in order to provide clear direction to everyone in your business and the best chance of achieving your business goals within a given period of time.

Accountants have historically been known as the professional that helps you to record what your business has done in the past. This is only the start of what you as a business owner needs in order to be competitive and relevant in our current economy.

Our focus is not on what has been done, as there is nothing that can be done about the past, but what needs to be done to improve your business in the future. For this we refer to “Business Consulting”.

We work with you to ensure that you are able to record and process the data required accurately and efficiently and are able to report and lodge the necessary documentation in the most efficient and cost effective way. In some cases this involves training and mentoring of our clients.

We employ and implement the most efficient and consistent systems within our practice to ensure that we can deliver exceptional quality work in the most cost effective and time efficient way. We are continually working on improving our systems to keep in line with changes in technology and software systems.

Some of the Accounting and Compliance roles that we perform are;

  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Business Activity Statement Preparation and Lodgement
  • Instalment Activity Statement Preparation and Lodgement
  • Income Tax Return Preparation and Lodgement
  • Fringe Benefits Tax Return Preparation and Lodgement
  • Australian Securities and Investment Commission Lodgements (ASIC)